vrijdag 8 februari 2008

i kill her by soko

just lovely

You were supposed to call me tonight,
We'd have gone to the cinema,
And afterwards the restaurant,
The one you like in your street,
We'd have slept together,
Had a nice breakfast together,
And a walk in the park together,
How beautiful it'd been,
You would have said "I love you,"
In the cutest place on earth,
Where some lulubies are dancing with the fairies,
I would have waited like a week or two,
But you never tried to reach me, no,
You never called me back,
You were dating that bleached blonde girl,
And if I find her, I swear, I swear,
I'll kill her, I'll kill her,
She stole my future, she broke my dream ,
I'll kill her, I'll kill her,
She stole my future when she took you away,
I would have met your friends,
We would have had a drink or two,
They would have liked me cause
Sometimes i'm funny,
I would have met your dad,
I would have met your mum , she'd have said,
"Please, can't you make some beautiful babies,"
So we would have had a boy called Tom , and a girl called Susan,
Born in Japan,

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